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Analysis of the Impact of Commercial Tourism on the Physical-Spatial Development of Urban Areas (The Case Study: City Of Zahedan) (Published)

Today, tourism is one of the major issues affecting the economy and one of the leading causes of communication, social and cultural consideration is globally Tourist flows can be different ways of economic and social aspects of the country’s foreign exchange technology, regional economic development, economic development, job creation and cultural contacts affected. In countries that have tried to develop this industry with rational and right planning they have been able to gain a high share of national income in this way. Tourism can have different effects on different places and cities are one of these places. This study is to evaluate the impact of commercial tourism on the physical-spatial development in Zahedan. The method of collecting data is through questionnaires and they have been analyzed by statistical methods of T-test and Pearson correlation. The results show that commercial tourism will effect on all dimensions of the physical-spatial development of Zahedan city.

Keywords: Commercial Tourism, Physical-Spatial Development, Tourism, Urban Land Use.