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Analysis of Land Use Changes Using Remote Sensing and GIS Tools in the Peri Urban Ecosystems of Dar es Salaam (Published)

Land use changes in peri urban areas have resulted from urban expansion and have attracted many researchers during the last two decades.  In this paper, urban expansion and their spatial growth patterns of the Dar es Salaam City has been studied over a period of 30 years (1980-2010) through statistical classification approaches based on the remotely sensed images obtained from sensors both Landsat TM5 and SPOT4. The research method included, mapping of land use changes using multi-temporal images, land use/land cover change as detected by applying remote sensing tools. Thereafter, based on the results of image classification, the analysis of land use/land cover changes was made. A model of urban expansion is also analysed by applying diverse technologies of the GIS. Research shows that land use/land cover change detection using remote sensing and GIS are good means of research of urban expansion. In addition, times series data of land use/land cover changes reveal temporal spatial change useful in determining timely planning intervention. Moreover, the analysis of the ecosystems and general urban expansion as established by land use/land cover changes in meticulous areas can be carried out. It is recommended that the national land related policies are reflective of these findings.

Keywords: Change Detection, land use change and ecosystem., spatial growth, urban expansion

Issues Related To Urban Sprawl in South 24 Parganas with Special Reference to Diamond Harbour Municipality, West Bengal, and India (Published)

Urban sprawl outside large cities expands the city itself and brings the demand for extending infrastructure and several towards adjacent municipality and panchayat areas. There are several issues or issues related easily adopted in this area physically and socially with the urban sprawl in this municipal area.so, this study deals with issues related to urban sprawl in this area ad suggests the sustainable use of land to conserve environment. It also tries to make some strategies to ensure planned expansion of urban areas. The present study focuses on the nature of urban expansion in Diamond Harbour Municipality.Urban growth is a worldwide phenomenon. It is not only a haphazard physical explosion of urban population but also manifests a disorderly and discontinuous development of urban place. Urban growth is a process slowly or rapidly to occupy the adjacent land of city or town. The attraction and the benefits of every one having a lawn, trees and big house, people are beginning to recognize the negative consequences of this land development patter. The negative effects that sprawl can have on a community its people and its resources help demonstrate why land-use planning is so important.

Keywords: Community, Municipality., Urban Sprawl, land-use planning, negative effects, rapidly, urban expansion