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Sustainable Housing Delivery for The Urban Poor in Nigeria (Published)

The plight of the urban poor towards achieving adequate and satisfying housing accommodations remains a recurring decimal in Nigeria. Previous housing policies, concepts, strategies, and initiatives failed to establish a long-term sustainable housing delivery for this particular urban populace with recurrent quality and quantity shortages. This article underlines the challenges facing housing delivery for the urban poor and the need for appropriate and timely developmental strategies to ensure sustainable and effective housing delivery in Nigeria. It examines housing policies, housing conditions, and the constraints of sustainable housing delivery for the urban poor through a systematic review of academic outputs. It was discovered among others that sustainable housing delivery for the urban poor in Nigeria is challenged by the factors of incessant and unmatched urbanization, lack of socio-cultural considerations, economic realities, neglect of urban core, and inappropriate housing policies among others. The paper contributes to the body of knowledge on housing delivery from the perspective of the urban poor and concludes by highlighting some recommendations that are likely to obliterate the challenges identified and discussed.

Keywords: Sustainability, Urbanization, housing delivery, urban challenges, urban poor