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This work focuses on specific attempts to upgrade the undergraduate entrepreneurship curriculum with a view to give impetus to graduate youths knowledge of business ideas and set-ups. Analysis of primary data collected for the work were carried out using pie chart graphs figures 1-7 for each of the 7 states and a combined pie chart for all the 7 states put together. Table 1 being the demographic response of the respondents. Table 2 Shows percentage ratio of respondent’s response. Table 3 Shows percentage of respondent’s response to the research questions, while Table 4 shows marital frequency and percentage ratio. This work describes the initiatives being pursued by the researcher, the major theme and issues highlighted by this work in terms of the roles that the universities and government, and government agencies can play in promoting entrepreneurship in our institutions, by putting in place a unified skilled entrepreneurship undergraduates curriculum, having in mind, some findings by Nigerian researchers on entrepreneurial education activity. The work concludes that the economic development benefits of the country universities entrepreneurship strategic programme of study can be best effected through combination of initiatives to promote enterprise environment for our graduate youths

Keywords: Upgrading entrepreneurship curriculum, government desire, student needs