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Mobbing in a Greek Public Hospital and the Views Experiences and Beliefs among Health Professionals: A Qualitative Study (Published)

In the last 18 years, a significant increase of incidents of mobbing in occupational health professionals mainly in nursing, medical, and administrative staff. The phenomenon of mobbing and its effects on mental, physical health in health professionals, and consequently on the quality of life, in a workplace is a significant limitation in the psycho-spiritual balance of employees as well as for the proper functioning of the organization. The purpose of the study is to investigate the views, experiences and beliefs of health professionals about the phenomenon of Mobbing. In particular, it was researched on: (a) the understanding of the definition, (b) the adequate information (updating), and (c) the sensitization of health professionals. A qualitative study was carried out using the phenomenological approach. The sample consisted of 12 health professionals (nurses, physicians, and administrative staff) who work in a Greek public hospital. 12 semi-structured interviews were conducted. The semi-structured interview was consisted of 3 main axes with 9 questions in total.  The problem of mobbing is a reality and exist in public hospital. Hospital professionals recognize that workplace mobbing is a form of psychological abuse and its forms of expressions are mainly verbal and behavioural. They point out that it can be manifested both by colleagues and superiors, but also by the patients’ relatives/helpers.To avoid such incidents in the health department, the Hospitals Administration, should have an anthropocentric character. The Heads of department, should to be educated and made aware, to know how to address any job harassment, as well as to organize information and awareness seminars for employees and self-help groups, through specific programs support, rehabilitation and reintegration for people who have suffered mobbing.

Keywords: Hospital, analysis the term, health professionals, mobbing, sensitization, updating