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Investigating the Saudi EFL Trainee Students’ Satisfaction with the English Practicum Program (Published)

This paper attempts to explore Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University EFL students’ satisfaction with the practicum course offered by Department of English Language and Literature at College of Languages and Translation. To address this issue, the researcher developed a questionnaire¬†divided into three domains consisting of thirty-two items to collect data. The first domain included eight items (1-8) aiming at students’ evaluation to university supervisor, the other domain consisting of 14 items (9-22) targeted participants’ responses towards site school supervisors and principals, while the last 10 items (23-32) aimed at respondents’ self-evaluation to their self- performance and professional development. The questionnaire was followed by one open-ended question where participants can add any written quantitative data in their attempt to evaluate the program. The questionnaire was applied to a sample of males EFL Saudi students consisting of all the students registering for the practicum course in the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017. The total number was 25 Male trainee-students majoring in English at College of Languages and Translation. Therefore, there was no sampling procedure was done. The participants were level eight, meaning that all of them were in their fourth year and would be graduating towards the end of this semester or the second semester of the year 2017. The study findings revealed different levels of students’ satisfaction of the practicum program experience. The findings were discussed and conclusion along with recommendations were developed based on the study results

Keywords: EFL Saudi Trainees, English Practicum Course, Field schools, University Supervisors