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Analysis of Collection Development and Conservation of Information Resources in Selected University Libraries in Lagos and Ogun States, Nigeria (Published)

The central mission of library is to collect, organize, preserve, conserve and provide access to knowledge and information resources in order to make them available to users. However, acid paper-based information resources, poor storage environment, theft, mutilation of information resources in academic libraries have affected information resources and learning in many tertiary institutions. This study analyzed collection development and conservation of information resources in selected university libraries in Lagos and Ogun States, Nigeria. Multi stage sampling technique was used to select 333 library personnel from six universities in Lagos (University of Lagos, Lagos State University and Caleb University) and Ogun (Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Olabisi Onabanjo University and Bells University of Technology) states. Structured questionnaire was used in obtaining data on socio-economic characteristics of the respondents, collection development, conservation methods and factors necessitating conservation of information resources in the libraries. Data were analysed using frequency counts, percentages, mean, Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) and Multiple Regression. This study concluded that the library collection development helps in conserving information resources in University Libraries in order to reflect the library mission. Therefore, the study recommended that collection development policies should be given serious consideration in building library collections, while adequate funding, provision of resources and good maintenance culture should be encouraged in University libraries in order to conserve the information resources.

Keywords: Conservation, Information resources, collection development, university libraries

Social Media Tools as Mediums of Effective Services Delivery in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines social media tools as mediums of effective services delivery in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of Library Assistant, Library Officers and Librarians. The study covered 14 University Libraries and 188 library personnel. Questionnaire was used for data collection. The instruments were into three sections. Findings of the study revealed that selective dissemination of information, user education services and current awareness services were in preference to other library services. This was followed by organising training and seminars to educate librarians who would be responsible for all activities on social media to ensure quick response to users information needs in the University libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. Some of the recommendations were that Internet available and services are very important and should be provided, adequate education be given to librarians in carryout social media activities and finally, there should be constant and regular supply of power to the university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Keywords: effective services delivery, social media tools, university libraries

Influence of Staff Training and Development on Employee Performance in Selected University Libraries in South-West, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigated the influence of training and development on employee performance in selected university libraries in South-West, Nigeria. The survey research design was adopted for this research work. A structured questionnaire was used as an instrument of data collection. The total enumeration technique was employed, and out of the total copies of the questionnaires administered, 103 were completed and returned. Frequency distribution and percentages were used for analysis, while the hypotheses were tested using correlation and regression analysis tools of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The result of the study showed a significant correlation between staff training and development and employee performance in university libraries in Nigeria. The result of this research also showed that staff training and development significantly influence the performance of library staff in selected university libraries. The study, therefore, recommends that university libraries management should regularly organize training and developmental programs for their employees. Furthermore, the research suggests that library employees should be encouraged to participate in training organize within and outside their institutions, as this would ensure increased performance/productivity.

Keywords: Employee Motivation, Employee Performance, Human Resources Management, Skills Acquisition, Staff Development, Staff Training, university libraries

Utilisation of Web 2.0 Tools for Effective Library Services by Librarians in University Libraries in Southwest Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines utilisation of Web 2.0 tools for effective library services by librarians in University Libraries in Southwest Nigeria. Two hundred and three (203) copies which are (94%) were duly completed and found usable for this study. Questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. The questionnaire was on types of Web 2.0 tools available, services available and influence of Web 2.0 use. Data obtained was analysed using descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages, mean, and standard deviation. Findings of the study revealed that 54% respondents indicated Youtube as the major type of Web 2.0 tools, followed by Facebook 50.5% and Twitter with 48% by librarians in University Libraries in Southwest Nigeria. Some of the recommendations were that Libraries management should provide internet access to staff and users of their libraries, and due to the dynamic nature of Web 2.0 tools, librarians need to keep themselves abreast of the new technology and remain relevant on their duties.

Keywords: Librarians, Library Services, Utilisation., university libraries, web 2.0 tools