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Preservation and Conservation of Library Materials in University Libraries in South-West, Nigeria (Published)

Libraries in third world countries despite the constraints of finance confronting them still make huge investment on acquisition of library resources. Deterioration of library resources has been one of the greatest challenges plaguing the libraries. In order to savage these library resources and the libraries from a colossal loss of her heritage, this study examines preservation and conservation of library materials in university libraries in South-West, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. A total enumeration technique was used for selecting 308 respondents for the study. Questionnaire was used for data collection and was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that library security is the most used measure of preservation and conservation practices. Dust and particulate matter are the greatest causes of deterioration to library materials. The finding further revealed that dusting, cleaning and proper shelving are the major techniques adopted by the libraries. The study concluded that lack of proper preservation and conservation practices in the universities are the cause of resource loss and deterioration. Therefore, the study recommended that libraries should deploy modern preservation and conservation tools such as technologically enabled ICT devices which will aid adequate storage and enhance the durability and longevity of information materials in the libraries.

Keywords: Conservation, Libraries, Preservation, Universities. South-West