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Motivation a Catalyst for High Performance: Case Study of University of Port Harcourt Choba Port Harcourt, Nigeria. (Published)

The study x-rayed motivation as catalyst for high performance in a context of University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Motivation as a two edged sword was explained, as 79% of the workforce were highly dissatisfied with management not fulfilling her motivational promise of extra one month salary, is capable of generating industrial unrest-strike action and negative attitude to work. Analyzed graduands’ performance for academic sessions 2011-2014, showed that out of 13393 graduands only 0.3 %( 38) and 18 %( 2383) made 1st class and 2nd class upper division respectively. While 64.3 %( 8612) graduated with 2nd class lower division. Based on this analysis, we documented that employees’ performance is average, to improve this output (quality graduates), 56.8% and 65% of respondents out of 400 selected as a sample size through stratified sampling technique strongly agree that unconventional promotion and social activities respectively will improve their performance.   

Keywords: Employee, Motivation, Performance, Remuneration, Unfulfilled Promises