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Effect of Parental Unemployment on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines the effect of parental unemployment on academic performance of secondary school students. Thus, the efficacy of parental unemployment   is perilous social problem which contributed to the inability of many parents to caring for their children   education. However, the challenges of unemployed parents contributed to the high rate of step—down many students in secondary education. Consequently, there some factors which contributes to unemployed parents in country such as shortage of industries, inexperience of people, unskilled labour and unavailable of firms. Moreover, thousands of embody men and women are unemployed in Nigeria. However they are seeking for employment opportunities, but the job is not available for them that was the reason    many parents are jobless and they cannot provide   their  childern education pre-requisite, while some parents  are not ready to work that is reason they are jobless and find it cumbersome to care for their  children education. Presently, thousands of secondary school students involved various bad activities such prostitution, Yahoo, kidnapping, stealing, and other relevant offences in our country, because of inability of their   parents to  send them  to   secondary  education . Yet, unemployment cause high rate of poverty which affected many patents in thirty- six states of federation includes Abuja  the federal  capital of Nigeria. However, the rate of drop out increasing daily basis because their parents could not perform their responsibility as parenting who have devoted to caring for their children education.  Moreover, the population of unemployed parents is too high in Nigeria .

Keywords: Academic, Education, Parenting, Performance, Poverty, School, Secondary, Unemployed, Unemployment, parent


Aquaculture (fish farm) has been identified and proffered here as a veritable and sustainable tool that can be used to accomplish (or at least promote) development , empowerment and alleviating poverty amongst the unemployed. A great majority of Nigerian youths and women are poor and seriously need to be financially empowered. The unfortunate negligence and subjugation of this group of people in Nigeria by past governments over the years, were highlighted. Training of the individuals in aquaculture may involve private experts in fish farming, or the government. It is recommended that the fish farm project for each participating, person be one that comprised 10 hart fish tanks to accommodate 4000 fingerlings using the flow through system. A group project can involve 500 youths and 500 women at a time across the country. The cost of the programme, proposed (to run initially for 3yrs) would be up to 6,000,000.000 naira for each participant(about $37,500) and the financial return within the period is more than 15,000,000.00($93,750). The possible sources of funding or recoverable grant/soft loan are the federal and state governments, multinational companies, public spirited individuals, SURE-P, YEP UNDP and others listed. The need to involve professionals in fish production and financial experts, to monitor and implement this program successfully is strongly advocated. Aquaculture is highly recommended as an entrepreneurship tool to financially develop and empower the poor in Nigeria as it has great potentials to adequately accomplish this

Keywords: Aquaculture, Financial empowerment, Government, Training, Unemployed