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Analyzing Classroom Strategy: Improving Comprehension and Reading Skills by Evaluating the Concept Mapping Technique at SSC Level in Pakistan (Review Completed - Accepted)

This study documents the usage of Concept Mapping in the teaching-learning situation of English at SSC Level.  The study is descriptive and analytical in nature which tries to investigate the effects which Concept Mapping renders in the academic environment in the context of ESL classroom setting. The research offers strategies for the adopting certain techniques and up gradation of the content taught at the mentioned level by the inculcation of such techniques. Overall, the study produced a range of implementable outcomes by a pervasive discussion of Concept Mapping, the role of the textbooks, the importance of adding the technique to the contents of ESL classroom setting. For data collection and data analysis, two classes were selected. Both were taught the same content under controlled conditions. The concept mapping technique in the class guided the learners towards the improved way of learning the text of second language

Keywords: Concept Mapping, Reading skills, SSC level, Understanding/Comprehension, Vocabulary