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A Study of Vowel Length in Olusuba (Published)

This article describes vowel length in Olusuba. The objective of this study is to investigate sources of vowel length in Olusuba. Data for this study was collected from a secondary source: Dholuo translation of Olusuba. A word list was generated and presented to native speakers of Olusuba who were instructed to read it loud while being recorded. The recorded data was then played back for phonetic transcription. Using a descriptive research design and basing on data generated from the secondary source and phonological realisation of the listed words by native speakers of Olusuba, there are two sources of vowel length in Olusuba: underlying vowel length and derived vowel length. This article describes the two sources.

Keywords: Underlying, derived, olusuba, phonological realisation, vowel length

The Terror – Myth of Robert Frost’s Poetry – A Brain Strain (Published)

This piece of writing analyzes the fear element in Robert Frost poetry.  He very sublimely strikes terror in himself as well as in the readers. Full of Keatsean “negative capability” Frost’s characters augment the settings of uncertainty, dark mysteries and doubts. His characters reflect about moral and metaphysical quest in domestic as well as pastoral locales. There is stunning sublimity in all of his poems, rendering deeper insights into them. The pastoral phenomenon leaves indelible impressions of elevated passions. Readers, through mythological subject matter, are engrossed in his “ulterior meanings.” Specifically, presence of death in Frost’s poems strikes the reader with awe and fear. Deep underlying tones, exhibit dark niches which lay hidden if read cursory. While reading his poems we are stunned by magical influence of something lurking in and outside of the settings, giving an impression of predatorily being watched.  By going through some of his famous poems this paper strives to bring out terror myth. Which otherwise makes Frost – poetry a lovable touch of nature.  We know the woods, we know the surroundings still there is an aura of uncertainty, that universal “fear of the unknown”, “gradually moving towards end”, and yet the paths are too familiarly clandestine. Despite dark despotism we have something very refreshing too, that brings us to reality.

Keywords: Frost Poetry, Keatsean, Sublime, Terror., Ulterior, Underlying