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Factorial Validity Evidences of the revised version of the Emirati Scale for Vocational Interests- (ESVI-R) (Published)

This study aimed at examining the factor structure of the revised version of the Emirati scale for vocational interests (ESVI-R). The sample of this study consisted of 1920 students from middle and high schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 866 (45.1%) of which were males and 1054 (54.9%) of which were female. To achieve the main aim of the study, the exploratory factor analysis (EFA) as a data reduction procedure was used. The direct oblimin with Kaiser normalization was applied as a rotation technique. Analyses indicate the appropriateness of the ESVI-R in terms of internal consistency, as well as the content and factorial validity. Finally, EFC results showed that 52.85% of the variation of UAE data on ESVI-R is accounted for by a fifteen-factor model that underlining the structure of ESVI-R.

Keywords: Exploratory Factor Analysis, UAE middle and high school students, Vocational Interests, direct oblimin rotation