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Persuasive Methods in Television Advertising and Its Impact on the Promotion of Consumer Goods (Published)

TV commercials use a lot of persuasive methods in order to reach to persuade consumers to purchase and the acquisition of this item, the research aims to illustrate the importance of television advertising and its role in providing information to the consumer, and identify persuasive methods used by television advertising in the promotion of consumer goods, and determine the types of persuasive methods used by Television advertising in the promotion of consumer goods, the analysis of the content of a sample of 26 different and diverse television advertisement in terms of form and content taken from the research community mbc satellite channel, has been using content analysis consists of (12) category include persuasive methods used by advertising form TV to promote consumer goods and consumer convince Bagtnaiha, and the results of the analysis showed that television advertising persuasive use different methods in the provision of goods to the consumer and convince him out, the mismatch emotional and logical methods and diversity in the provision of subjects.

Keywords: Advertising, Persuasion., TV, and consumer., goods