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Motivation and Employee Retention in Bagabaga College of Education in Northern Region, Ghana (Published)

High retention of employees has been identified as one of the prerequisites for a consistent development and accomplishment of organizational goals. However, it has been established that employee motivation influences employee retention. Primary aim of this study was to investigate motivation and retention of employees at the Bagabaga College of Education. A sample size of 50 respondents comprising both teaching and non-teaching staff was purposively selected. Data collected was analysed using descriptive statistics. The study found that the most important motivational packages available are salary, promotional opportunities, work environment and security. Amongst these motivational packages, salaries were found to have the greatest effect on retention. The study also found that that there were gender differences in the perception of motivational packages where the male employees valued financial rewards, salaries and promotions, while the female employees were more motivated by security, work relation and work environment.  It is therefore recommended that the government should migrate all the staff from the GES payroll to the Tertiary Payroll.

Keywords: Employee Retention, Motivation, Motivational Strategies, Promotion Opportunities, Salaries, Turnover

Effects of Industrial Safety and Health on Employees’ Job Performance in Selected Cement Companies in Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigates the effects of industrial safety and health on employees’ job performance in selected companies which include UNICEM, Dangote Plc. The study revolves around industrial safety/health strategies and productivity, together with relationships among employees, customers and management and how it affects turnover. To this end, a survey research design was adopted and a sample size of 100 staff was randomly selected for the study. The Pearson Moment correlation coefficient was used for the hypotheses tests. The result of the tests revealed that there is strategies and employee job performance. It recommended that employers should ensure adequate industrial safety/health strategies management in order to protect the lives of its employees at work place thereby reducing employee turnover and promoting staff performance

Keywords: Employee Performance, Health Strategies, Safety, Turnover


The Health sector in the Pakistan is facing many problems to provide the Health facilities to the masses spread over the country. The most challenging problem is the shortage of Doctor’s as compared to the population. Most of the professional Doctor’s prefers to serve in the abroad instead to serve in Pakistan. There are the many determinants of turnover in the Health Department. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors such as Pay, Promotion, Job Safety and Security, Nature of the Work that effect the job satisfaction level and that are the cause of turnover of employee’s in the Autonomous Medical Health Institutions in the Pakistan. The factors of job satisfaction are such as Pay, Promotion, Job Safety and Security, Nature of the Work. The sample of the research is consist of 200 doctors, nurses, administrative and accounts staff working in Autonomous Medical Health institutions in the Punjab. Out of total 270 Questionnaires distributed in the Autonomous Medical Institutions of the Punjab 200 were received back and used for analysis. For data analysis/results the SPSS 20.0 is used.

Keywords: Doctors, Job Satisfaction, Medical Institutions, Pakistan, Turnover