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Fusarium Head Blight and Crown Rot on Wheat & Barley: Losses and Health Risks (Published)

Wheat and Barley is the most production and consumption grains in the world. The necrotrophic Fusarium spp is pathogen caused many diseases on plants, the major two disease caused by Fusarium on wheat is Fusarium Crown rot (FCR) and head blight (FHB), also known as scab. These both disease caused severe damage on yield quality and quantity, and reduce yield up to 61%, as will produce mycotoxins in the grain, which lead to contamination the products that manufactured from these crops. The major FCR and FHB mycotoxins as DON, NIV, ZEN can caused many disease symptoms to consumers who consumes contaminate food, whether is human or animal, such as cancers, immunosuppression, fertilization problem, abortion and etc.

Keywords: Fusarium, Hordeum vulgare, Mycotoxins, Triticum spp