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Reflection of Culture in Tree Tales: A Study of the tree tales of the Chepang (Published)

Tree tales are one of famous genre of folk tales and folklore because he tales play important role to form a set of belief in a cultural, religious and linguistic group. Tree tales are popular in Nepal both ethnic and non-ethic community. Tree tales are popular among the Chepang because some of the trees are appeared as cultural icons which play significant role in the formation of their culture. The main concern of the paper goes how do tree tales reflects the cultural values of the Chepang and why tree tales are Important on the Chepang culture. More than that, the study briefly analyzes the value of tree tales among the Chepang. The study is based on closed reading of the selected tales and analyzed the tales on the basis of objectives. The study follows qualitative research design and based on the secondary sources of data collected through using library research techniques. Books, articles and previously published anthologies are the main source of data. Conclusion of the study has been made on the analysis and interpretation of the texts. The process of the formation of culture some trees play significant role on the Chepang so that these trees are symbolized as source and culture and later manifested as from of tree tales.

Rishiram Adhikari  (2021) Reflection of Culture in Tree Tales:  A Study of the Tree Tales of the Chepang, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.9, No.9, pp.21-28

Keywords: Chepang, Chitwan, Nepal, tree tales