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A Case Study of the Effects of Oil Pollution on Soil Properties and Growth of Tree Crops in Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

The effect of oil pollution on soil properties and growth of tree crop seedling was investigated for 20 weeks in a greenhouse experiment. Response of tree crop seedlings of cocoa, cashew, pawpaw and mango to pollution levels of 0, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1000ml/20kg of soil was assessed at 6, 12 and 20 weeks after planting. Results obtained showed significant variation in physico-chemical properties of the soils. Organic carbon increased from 1.52 to 3.66%, nitrogen (0.12 – 0.32) total hydrocarbon (23.86 – 4684.0) in polluted soils. Available P(93.40 – 41.00), exchangeable Ca2+ (0.42-0.26), K+ and Na+ (0.19-0.05) and (0.14 – 0.04), ECEC and Cd also decreases with increase Cu, Mn and Pb with treatment concentration. Seedling germination and plant heights were significantly influenced at high pollution levels. However, these elements were still within the permissible range for agricultural soils. Farmers are advised not to cultivate oil polluted soils until remediation processes are carried out on the land. Liming, fertilization, enhanced ploughing and harrowing were recommended.

Keywords: Oil Pollution, Seedlings and Growth., Soil Properties, Tree Crops