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Does Aging Community Vulnerable to Non-Communicable Diseases in Slums in Mumbai (Published)

This study uses primary data, collected using cluster sampling of sample size of 302 of elderly suffering with Hypertension, Diabetes, TB, Throat infection, HIV, Joint pain from Rafi Nagar slum in Mumbai. The paper examines chronic diseases related to aged slum dwellers and the utilization of health services available to these elderly people in the slum. The findings using logistic regression reveals highly significant disorders among elderly men related to Diabetes and Joint pain–Knee and untreated bacterial pharyngitis; acute rheumatic fever who had Hypertension where as among elderly women who had hypertension showed highly significant disorders such as Diabetes and Joint pain–Knee and Respiratory disorders. Besides there was evidence of unimaginable low level of treatment seeking behavior which goes without adequate care taken amongst the poorest stratum of these aged slum dwellers. The need for care services is suggested at younger age for such elderly slum dwellers particularly low income category women in such slum.

Keywords: Chronic diseases; Aging; hypertension, treatment; Mumbai Slums