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The Effect of Translation on the Grammatical Structure of Persian Language: Cases of French and English Affixes Translation into Persian Study (Published)

The critical issues of translation, words and translative interpretations that are borrowed from the other languages may be considered the productions of contact among languages. Languages contact is also the production of cultures contact. Of course, the contact and bonding among languages are causes of social, scientific and technical developments of a society. Since almost all languages may be influenced by each other, the contact among cultures and languages is seen as a common and natural happening. As a matter of fact, languages may experience different types of effects (Zare Behtash, Hashemi Toroujeni & Safarzade Samani, 2017). Since the natural results of languages and cultures contact are the issues of loan words and translation, modern linguistics pays more attention to it. Some translative interpretations and expressions that are borrowed from other languages may be called loaned translative elements. Many literary, artistic, scientific, and journalistic expressions and interpretations such as direct translation of psychology and sociology that have come into Persian language are examples of this kind of loan words (as the effect of translation on language). Additionally, some texts of different areas that are translated from English to Persian have some language disorders that make them difficult to understand for everyone. These kinds of deficiencies in translation are caused by various factors such as lack of proficiency of translator in both source and target languages and his/her limited knowledge in different specialized areas. This paper examines the effect of translation on Persian grammar structure.


Keywords: Grammatical Structure, Translation Effects, Translation of Affixes