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Transfer in the Translation of Idioms (Published)

This paper investigates the role of transfer in the translation of English idioms by Arab learners of English. It attempts to spotlight on the difficulties of translating idioms and to indicate potential transfer that may occur in the process of their translation. The data of the study were collected from the translation of selected English idioms administered to senior Saudi English language majors. The general performance of subjects indicates poor competence in translating idioms from the target language. Results reveal lack of familiarity with the target idioms, particularly with their pragmatic and cultural aspects.  The study urges that idioms worth greater attention in linguistic research and in ELT environment.

Keywords: Linguistic transfer, Transfer, idiom, opaque idiom, translation

Transferring Culture Abroad-The Case of Vestas Control Systems (Published)

The study focuses on culture and knowledge transfer abroad. Specifically, the paper explores how Vestas Control system transferred its organizational culture to its Chinese subsidiary. As boundaries within and between companies and countries break down due to competitive pressure of globalisation, business activities and organisations are becoming more and more multinational in their operations. This has resulted in many firms establishing subsidiaries outside their home base. In this regard, managers and employees may find themselves operating in different nations, belonging to many teams and among different cultures. Semi-structured interviews were used to obtain data, and analysed using a hermeneutic approach. The study discovered that, power distance, Vestas safety culture and Teamwork had influenced the transfer of Vestas organizational culture to China

Keywords: Culture, Knowledge, Transfer, Vestas