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Urbanization is a defining phenomenon of this century. Nigeria cities like the rest of the entire continent of Africa are rated high on this urbanization process. But one side effect of this process is urban heat island (UHI). The aim of this study is to present the results of all published papers considering UHI investigation of Enugu urban and propose activities that will develop UHI research in the future. Literatures were identified for review through a comprehensive search by using electronic and non-electronic databases. Related published literature and documents were searched in a systematic way using a range of key words relating to urban heat island. The literature review indicates that urban heat island effect exists in Enugu urban. The review also indicates that urban heat island research in Enugu city has been on the lowest ebb. The study concluded by advocating that the long-term and effective monitoring of UHI changes is possible with the application of an installed (wireless) monitoring network.

Keywords: Paired measurement programme, Satellite, Temperature, Transect, Urban heat island, Urbanization