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The introduction and use of electronic recruitment (e-recruitment) on the recruitment process in organizations: Benefits of this technology for recruiting organizations (Published)

The success of every organization depends on its human capital, and recruitment by the human resource department is vital in generating organizational human capital. In the past twenty years, the traditional paper-based method of recruitment has been replaced to some extent by electronic recruiting (e-recruitment) in many organizations as many organizations are now utilizing e-recruitment to post jobs and accept resumes on the internet, and correspond with applicants by e-mail.  In this paper, recruitment and e-recruitment are theoretically defined, summarized and synthesized and the various benefits accruing to organizations for adopting electronic recruiting are highlighted. I also identified gaps and opportunities for future research and proposed some testable research questions in the domain of e-recruitment, as well as suggested research methods that can be utilized in future research to answer the proposed questions. Important contributions of this paper are highlighted.  

Keywords: E-Recruitment, Human Resource Management, Transaction Cost, employer brand image, signaling theory

Investment Climate, Domestic Private Investment, and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (Published)

The environment in which an enterprise operates influences its performance. This paper investigates the relationship among investment climate, private domestic investment and economic growth in 44 sub-Saharan Africa countries over the period 2004-2015. It uses eight indicators of Doing Business and a set of control variables. Although the results show a robust link among investment climate indices, domestic private investment and economic growth, however, getting electricity, tax and registering business indices had negative effects on economic growth. This finding suggests that government and policymakers should ensure a functioning and enabling investment climate, complimented by strong competitive policies and measures in order to promote private domestic investment for positive economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Keywords: Doing Business, Domestic Investment, Investment Climate, Transaction Cost, economic growth