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Transforming Implementation of Entrepreneurship Education Programme in Technical Training Institutions in Kenya (Published)

Effectiveness of implementation of entrepreneurship education programme in technical training institutions in Kenya is in question. Teaching and assessment methods used by teachers are insensitive to entrepreneurship learning, and the training resources provided by the institutions are insufficient. The study examined factors influencing implementation of the programme as conducted in tertiary technical institutions in Kenya. It investigated the influence of teaching and assessment methods, teachers’ network with entrepreneurship practitioners, and availability of training resources. A census survey of entrepreneurship education teachers in technical training institutions in Nairobi County was conducted, using a structured self-administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed using SPSS. The findings show that teachers routinely use traditional teaching and assessment methods, and institution administrations do not provide sufficient training resources or support teachers to develop networks with entrepreneurship practitioners. Recommendations include sensitizing teachers to use pedagogies that maximize entrepreneurial learning, and administrators to provide sufficient resources; also establishing a national policy framework to enforce effective programme implementation.

Keywords: Assessment methods, Entrepreneurship education, Teacher’s network, Teaching Methods, Training resources