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Training Plan and its Impact on the Intellectual Skills Development for Employees in Jordanian Telecom Companies: A case Study of (Orange) Company (Published)

This study aimed to explain the training plan and its impact on the intellectual skills development for employees in Jordanian Telecom companies. The study population consists of all Jordanian Telecom companies, and the researcher choose the Jordanian Telecom (Orange) company in Amman city  as a case study, and the number of employees in the mentioned company is (702) employees, after that the final study sample is (104) employees. The study found a number of results most notably was: (a.) The assess of employees for the training plan dimensions which are the (training methods, identification of training needs, and appropriate training environment), were in degree (high)  for all dimensions.(b.) There exist a statistically significant impact at a significant level       (α = 0.05), for two dimensions (training methods, and identification of training needs) on the intellectual skills development for the employees in Jordanian Telecom companies (Orange).

Keywords: Intellectual skills, Jordanian Telecom companies., Training environment, Training needs, Training plan