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Labour Turnover and Productivity among Employees in Selected Brewing Firms in Southwestern Nigeria (Published)

The study identified the causes of labour turnover and its effect on productivity among employees in the brewing industry in Southwestern Nigeria.  This was with a view to providing information for management policy makers on maintaining a constant workforce particularly of the skilled and exceptional workers for increased productivity.  The method of data collection was questionnaire to elicit information on causes of labour turnover, and the resultant effects on employee’s productivity. Data were analysed using appropriate descriptive and inferential statistics such as analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results underscored the significant effect of training and career development, job satisfaction and family ties on labour turnover.  The study concluded that there was significant effect of labour turnover on employees’ productivity with R square = 0.076, P = 0000 which shows that 7.6% of the variation in employees’ productivity in the brewing industry in Southwestern Nigeria was due to labour turnover. 

Keywords: Family Ties, Job Satisfaction, Labour turnover, Productivity, Training and Career Development