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This research was aimed to produce the module and trainer on mastering basic electronic competency of the students at Education of Electronic Engineering Faculty of Engineering State University of Medan. Developing and implementing the module and Trainer and given a posttest to the student. The research method used was Research and Development model by Borg & Gall (1983) which is known as R & D Cycle. To develop the instructional material of the module used Dick and Carey’s model and Cruch Kilton criterion to plan and build the trainer. The data collecting instrument were field study, observation, interview and questionnaire as long as development activity and posttest to know the effect of the module by using objective tes. To know the effectiveness of the module and trainer to higher the instructional outcomes or mastering the competency done by differentiating outcomes between module group and control group. The differentiation analysis by using t-test to find out significance differences. The subject research was 5 lecturers, 40 students of first semester regular class at Education of Electronic Engineering. The research result of the development of the module consist of nine learning topics include student guidance, student practical activity, and the trainer which consist of electronic components that support practical activity which is integrate with the topics, lecturer guidance, and posttest and it’s key answer. The mean score achievement by module group was 82.80, mean while the score achievement by control group was 74.74. The result of the t test was 4.63 and t table with df =73 on 95 % significance is 1.960. Because the t observed = 4.63>1,960 t table, so the module and trainer effective, and efficiency to higher the student out comes on basic electronic.

Keywords: Development, Module, Trainer