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Traditions and Social Stratification, Cultural Barriers for Women Empowerment: The Example of Sereer Women in Senegal (Published)

Deeply rooted in their culture, the Sereer Siin community organizes their social gender relations in an absolutely phallocratic mode. In this respect, it is opportune, in this analysis, to put on surface the role and place that traditions have transferred to the woman Sereer Siin in social stratification. It will also be interesting to highlight the intrinsic link between lineage and political, social and economic function among the Sereers Siin community.

Keywords: Enslavement, Lineage, Sereer, Traditions, Woman, phallocratic


The Anglican mission came into Igboland in the last half of the nineteenth century being the first Christian mission to come into Igboland, precisely in 1857, with Onitsha as the first spot of missionary propagation. From Onitsha the mission spread to other parts of Igboland. The process of the spread was no doubt, marked with the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit; hence the early CMS missionaries saw the task of evangelizing Igboland as something that could not have been possible without the victory of the Holy Spirit over the demonic forces that occupied Igboland by then. The objective of this paper is to historically investigate the claim that the presence of the Anglican Church in Igboland marked the origin of Pentecostalism among the Igbo. The method employed in this investigation was both analytical and descriptive. It was discovered that the Anglican mission introduced Pentecostalism into Igboland through their charismatic activities long before the churches that claim exclusive Pentecostalism came, about a century later. The only difference is that the original Anglican Pentecostalism was imbued in their Evangelical tradition as opposed to the modern Pentecostalism which is characterized by seemingly excessive emotional and ecstatic tendencies without much biblical anchorage

Keywords: Anglicanism, Evangelicalism, Missionaries, Pentecostalism, Traditions