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An Analytical Study on Traditional Techniques of Dyeing Textiles with Natural Dyes In Assam, India (Published)

Natural dyes are dyes or colorants that are derived from plants, animals, insects and minerals. Natural dyes are prepared from both dye bearing plants and insects bases, utilizing the various properties. Most of the dyes are obtained from parts of plants– leaves, stem, barks, seeds, flowers, roots etc. Rural areas of Assam in North Eastern part of India are abundant in natural resources. There are many trees in the Northeast India which can be used as major sources of natural dye. Natural dye has a great demand in the international market. Today, people around the globe are rediscovering colour through the use of renewable and non-toxic natural sources.The present study is on the traditions and practices of Natural Textile Dyes in Assam. The paper focuses on the oral traditions, existing available documented information and targets to yield an informative document of natural textile dyes in Assam. The study started on reviewing a wide variety of literatures concerned with natural textile dyes in general, and such practices specific to the region. The study then moved to tap the oral traditions, and practices prevailing in the region, alongwith the sources and extraction and dyeing methods.

Keywords: Assam, Natural Dye, Textile, Traditions and Culture