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An Appraisal of Traditional Yorùbá Pottery and Potters (Published)

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”, this statement is true of the traditional Yorùbá pottery and potters, in the sense that their work will be gone into extinction if adequate scholastic attention is not given. This paper therefore appraises traditional pottery art and artists. It focuses on the growth and preservation of Yorùbá pottery traditions and culture, through the various forms and vessels made of fired clay. The world of the indigenous Yorùbá potter is such a fascinating one; yet unpredictable because of the phases involved in the production processes. It also observes the techniques, styles and forms employed by potters from different parts of Yoruba nation. The paper further showcases some of the works of the traditional Yoruba potters that is still ongoing. In summation, the paper observes the challenges that may eventually send pottery art into extinction; as a result of the fewer apprentices that are engaged in pottery art practices

Keywords: Apprentices, Culture, Indigenous pottery, Traditional Pot Making, Yoruba People and places, Yoruba potters