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Traditional and Modern Medicine: A Survey of Views on Its Integration in Ghana (Published)

The contributions of Traditional and Modern Scientific Medicines to health care delivery have attracted a great deal attention in most communities worldwide. In Ghana, in spite of differences that have characterised both medicines, their existences have helped improved health care delivery services among societies. They have existed independently ensuring improvements in the restoration of healthiness and wellbeing. As its objective, the study examines perceptions with regard to the fusion of traditional and modern scientific medicines in health care delivery in Ghana. It presents and analyses views of 150 individuals in two towns in Ghana -Kumasi and Akoefe-Avenui -that practice and use both forms of medicines. Interviews and questionnaire served as the main research tools used in the collection of data among respondents. The study revealed that though traditional and modern scientific medicines are patronised by most people, they exist differently; there seems to be no formal integration existing between them in major health institutions. While some respondents (over 70%) supported the integration of both forms of medicine, others resented. The study, therefore, recommends a discourse between traditional and scientific medical practitioners so as to build trust and respect, hence, cordiality and cooperation between them. Also, proper national framework and policy should be put in place to sustain and make certain their integration so as to improve health care delivery.

Keywords: Health Care, Integration, Survey, Traditional and Modern Medicine