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Adequacy of Workshop Facilities in Colleges of Education (Technical) For Training of Trade Teachers of Technical Colleges in North Eastern States of Nigeria (Published)

The purpose of the study was to determine the adequacy of workshop facilities to facilitate effective teaching and learning process in Colleges of Education (Technical) in north eastern States of Nigeria. Two research questions guided the study. The research adopted a descriptive survey design. The study was conducted in Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba and Yobe States of Nigeria. The population of this study consisted of forty-five (45) workshop instructors. Data were collected through the use of checklist and questionnaire. The instrument has a reliability coefficient of 0.76. The findings showed that Workshops space in Colleges of Education (Technical) in North eastern States of Nigeria were inadequate..  Most of the equipment, tools, and machines available in the colleges were not enough to cater for increasing population of students’ enrolment.  The study recommended that the Federal and States owned Colleges of Education (Technical) should be provided with adequate workshops and training facilities to cater for the increasing students’ population. This will in turn promote teaching and learning.

Keywords: Adequacy, Trade Teachers, Training, Workshop Facilities