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Detection and Analysis of the Themes in Richard Cory: Scrutinizing the Issue from a Deeper View (Published)

This study is designed to investigate and discuss about the themes of one of the most celebrated poems in the world of literature entitled ‘Richard Cory’. In effect, this study is proposed to find out and shed light on all the themes of this poem. To reach the aim of the study, some of the main subjects, topics, and points which can be related to the goal of article are introduced, explained, and discussed. Afterword, they are followed by a precise discussion and conclusion. On the whole, this study attempts to identify all the themes of Edwin Arlington Robinson’s most famous poem. For the most part, this article discerns, investigates, and highlights the features which present all the themes of the poem, or to be more exact, it tries to uncover and shed light on the messages which create and represent some literary masterpiece so called Richard Cory, in detail, and from a deeper view

Keywords: Glittering, King, Richard Cory, Themes, Town People