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Analyzing Factors Affecting Tourism Sustainable Development towards Vietnam In The New Era (Published)

This empirical study was conducted by qualitative approach to study the influential factors such as environment, society, economics affecting to the tourism sustainable development for Vietnam in the new era. The author collected the experts’ opinions to discuss and presented scale to measure the above factors. Basing on this study, the future researchers can apply this to study by quantitative method to verify the reliability of the scale and test whether the three above factors and observed variables are grouped into each factor or there is other latent factor as well as tesing the reliability of the research model. In addition, the author suggested the policy makers, leaders of ministry and departments of culture, sports, and tourism to apply this study to plan and implement policies to develop Vietnamese tourism in the context of international integration as well as satisfy the tourists coming to Vietnam.

Keywords: International integration, Policy, Sustainable Development, Tourists, Vietnam

Tourism Workers and the Most Prominent Problems with Tourists (Published)

The aim of the research is to develop a vision for the professional work of the workers in the tourism sector and highlight their problems with tourists. A number of controls work to regulate the behavior of workers in the tourism sector, taking into account the traditions and customs of the profession. Some negative behaviors may occur from some workers in the tourism sector due to some misconduct of some tourists The study is conducted on the employees of tourism, and distributed 150 questionnaires, of which (130) returned a questionnaire It was excluded (30) questionnaires, so relied on (100). The study found a number of results, the most important of which are problems between the workers in tourism and tourists due to the gender variable, and there are problems between the workers in tourism and tourists due to the variable age. The study recommended the following: To spread tourism awareness among the tourism workers with the importance of developing a language and career development by organizing lectures, seminars, conferences, institutions, governmental and non-governmental bodies. Providing tourist training courses for all employees in tourism and giving them courses in different languages in cooperation with colleges and institutes of tourism and hotels

Keywords: Language, Tourism, Tourists, workers


In Nigeria, Travel and Tourism had contributed immensely to the growth of GDP and also to employment. Tourism marketing in destination must take into consideration the behaviour of visitors for effective campaign design. The study investigates how visitors got information about the Complex and major motivating factors that attract visitors to the Complex. Structured questionnaire was employed to obtain information on the major objectives of the study. Majority of the visitors to the complex are youths. Visitors preferred use of brochures, travel guides and social media as marketing strategies. Push factors are observed to motivate tourists more for fun, excitement, relaxation and sightseeing. Tourists’ sources of awareness to the Complex are not different in respect to their demographics; also visitors who organise visits for themselves complain less about challenges of the Complex. Management of the Complex must endeavour to improve on infrastructure and recreational facilities for fun, sightseeing, relaxation and excitement.

Keywords: Information, Marketing, Motivation, Olumo Rock Tourist Complex, Tourists