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Influence of Tourism Marketing on Destination Competitiveness and Economic Development: Exploring Nigeria and Other African Countries (Published)

This study descriptively examined the effectiveness of tourism marketing on destination competitiveness and economic development of Nigeria and other African countries. The main objective of the study is to examine and compare the ratings on effectiveness of marketing for Nigeria and that of other African countries. A secondary data was collected on country’ marketing effectiveness, international tourist arrivals, contribution of tourism to GDP, employment and tourism exports receipts for Africa countries. Finding of this study shows that some countries in Africa are taking the issue of tourism marketing serious, as a result, have been able to attract significant number of international tourist arrivals, which has contributed immensely to their inbound receipts and GDP. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s performance shows lack of sustained commitment to tourism marketing and has adversely affected the number of international tourists’ arrivals, and its effect on inbound receipts and GDP.

Citation: Okocha, Rejoice Ebere, Agina, Emeka Kenechi, Ojiula, Uchemefuna Benjamin  (2021) Influence of Tourism Marketing on Destination Competitiveness and Economic Development: Exploring Nigeria and Other African Countries, European Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Vol.9, No.4, pp.,19-28


Keywords: Africa, Economic Development, Tourism Marketing., destination competitiveness

E-Accessibility Policy for Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Tourism Marketing (Published)

Nowadays, there is a growing interest for social inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in tourist industry. Tourism is vital part of modern lifestyle and is considered beneficial for individuals with disabilities enhancing personal development and promoting quality of life.This project aims to investigate policies implemented and kind of services offered in tourist industry concerning persons with disabilities who have barriers for leisure time, not only physical but also internal, cultural and social. Research is being carried out on hotel units of four and five stars in Greece. Given the fact that tourism is considered as an important sector in the economy which improves the standard of living in a country, its adaptation to web tourism with innovations in technology and development of social policies appropriate for persons with disabilities, that can facilitate travelling, can promote tourist movement and also can offer a travel motive for them.

Keywords: E-Accessibility, Social Inclusion, Tourism Marketing., disability, web tourism policy

Assessment of the Internet as Tool for Tourism Marketing in Nigeria (Published)

The study was an assessment of the internet as a tool for tourism marketing in Cross River State. The study sought to determine the significant relationship between website and tourism product awareness; and also evaluate the extent social media marketing affect the level of patronage of tourism products in Cross River State. The area of study was Cross River State, while the study frame were tourism stakeholders, tourism managers/staff and both local and international tourists found in the twelve (12) tourism destinations selected for this study. The sample size of the study was 120 and primary data were obtained using a structured questionnaire. The instrument was content-validated, while the Cronbach Alpha coefficient was used to confirm the reliability. Data analysis was done electronically by the use of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 21. Among the findings were that the website marketing did not have any significant relationship on the level of awareness of tourism products in Cross River State. Also, social media marketing did not significantly affect the level of patronage of tourism products in Cross River State. It is then recommended that the website and other internet tools should be efficiently handled preferably by experts to generate and maintain interest and level of patronage of Cross River State’s tourism products.

Keywords: Internet Marketing, Patronage, Social Media Marketing, Tourism Marketing., Tourism Product Awareness, Website Marketing