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Investigation of Mud Related Wellbore Problems in Drilling Well-A in the Niger Delta Region (Published)

Wellbore instabilities due to mud related issues during well construction in the wetland Niger Delta region were analyzed, reviewing well A as a case study. Time distribution plots and activity break down summary were evaluated for the candidate well. From the analyses, drill bit and bottom hole assembly balling, largely due to soft sticky and reactive gumbo shale with high swelling and dispersive tendencies in the mud system, severe down hole losses, hole pack off, pipe stuck potentials and kicks are some likely mud related challenges often encountered drilling in the Niger Delta region. Consequent upon which there would be reduced rate of penetration, tight spot, increased torque and drag, as seen in well-A. The drilling fluids play pivotal roles in oil extraction processes as their type; design and formulation determine the ultimate success of the entire drilling operation and overall production performance of the well. A poorly designed mud system may trigger wellbore instability that could lead to non-productive time, loss of drilling equipment, even loss of the entire well, kick and blowout scenarios due to loss of primary and secondary barriers. Formation damage may occur, which ultimately leads to reduction in permeability and poor well performance,

Emmanuel E. Aluola ., Rowland U. Azike . Ovie Odokuma- Alonge., Samuel E. Ogbeide (2022) Investigation of Mud Related Wellbore Problems in Drilling Well-A in the Niger Delta Region, International Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration Management, Vol.6, No.1, pp.1-14

Keywords: non-productive time, reactive gumbo, torque/drag, well performance., wellbore instability