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Foreign Capital Inflows and Nigerian Economic Growth Nexus: A Toda Yamamoto Approach (Published)

This study investigated the relationship between foreign capital inflows and economic growth in Nigeria for the period of 1981-2014. In this study, foreign capital inflows were proxied by Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Portfolio Investment and Foreign Aid while economic growth was proxied by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The study employed annual data generated from CBN statistical bulletin, and Toda Yamamoto test of causality was used to determine the relationship between foreign capital inflow and economic growth in Nigeria. The result revealed that there is bi-directional causality running from GDP to FDI as well as from FDI to GDP. It also indicates that there is a unidirectional causality between FPI and GDP with causation running from FPI to GDP. Furthermore, the result showed a unidirectional causality between GDP and FA with causation running from FA to GDP. Finally the joint causation between all the components of foreign capital inflow i.e. FDI, FPI, FA and GDP indicates that increase in foreign capital inflow causes GDP to increase positively. And so, government should design policies and programs to enhance the inflows of foreign capital as the will accelerate the speed of growth in the economy.

Keywords: Foreign Capital Inflows, Toda Yamamoto, economic growth