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Derivation of Quantity Velocity of Mechanical and Electrical Properties and Its Reciprocities (Published)

The dimension velocity of quantities branch with respect to time and dimension which represent the derivative of these quantities due to movements. The dimension velocity of the particle gives a concept of the ordinary velocity and its reciprocal gives another concept to the same motion of particle define as time velocity. The velocities of the mechanical quantities (acceleration, momentum, force, energy, work, power for dimension and time) are resulting from the known laws for kinematics and dynamics movements. The units is introduced by dividing of unit of time. The charge passing through wire define as a charge velocity, while its reciprocal gives another meanings of motion of charge called time current. The energy velocity is defined as the energy (mechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic, thermal) per unit time, and its reciprocally is called the time velocity of energy. 

Keywords: Dimension Velocity, Electrical Quantities., Mechanical Quantities, Reciprocal, Time Velocity