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The Effect of Land Preparation and Irrigation Technology on the Growth of Rice Fields (Oriza Sativa L.) M70D (Published)

M70D superior rice with a shorter growing period to harvest, as well as the application of appropriate soil management and irrigation technology are expected to increase the function of productive paddy fields so as to support rice growth and ultimately increase quality rice production with a short growing period. This study aims to study the effect of land management technology and irrigation technology on the growth of M70D variety of lowland rice. The design used in this study was a Randomized Block Design (RAK) with a Split Plot treatment design arranged in a factorial manner, consisting of 18 treatment plots with three replications. The main plot is Soil Processing Technology (T) which is perfect tillage and minimum tillage and Sub-plots are Watering Technology (A) which is tillage of inundated, intermittent and mack-macak. The results showed that the average growth rate of M70D rice with OTS (T1) and OTM (T2) technology with irrigation technology (A1), (A2) and (A3) was relatively the same and statistically not significantly different. The results showed that the F2 of M70D rice is not good if it is planted in the East Tondano area and in the wet season, further research is needed in other areas or in the dry season. The problems encountered are caused by climate mismatch. Does not apply as the name implies, namely M70D or 70 days rice.


Keywords: : Irrigation, M70D, Oriza sativa, tillage