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Reconceiving Supply Chain (SC) Risk Management Strategies with the outbreak of pandemic like COVID-19 (Published)

Supply Chain (SC) is becoming more and more interconnected and globalized in the recent days and hence, with the outbreak of COVID-19, it has engulfed the whole supply and distribution systems of the world affecting the every aspect of human life. SC itself contains some risks as the name suggests and there are many robust SC risk management strategies in place to address the risks. With the outbreak of COVID-19, SC risk management strategies are encountered and SC professionals are trying to explore the strategies like intervention of ICT, supplier base optimization, improving SC visibility, stressing more importance on the free flow in data and information, risk diversification and so on. The article attempts to identify the extent of the SC risk management strategies and finally put forward some recommendations to address those risks in the each segment of the SC.

Keywords: Collaboration, Supply Chain, risk management process, risk triggers, tiering

Strengthening the Supply Chain of Agro- product in Bangladesh: Lessons learn from the outbreak of COVID-2019 (Published)

Supply Chain (SC) is one of the buzzwords in the current COVID days. The global supply chain both downstream and upstream is affected by this outbreak which may cause economic downturn in the world effecting developed and developing countries. It is seen nowadays that the supply of agricultural product is disrupted as far as it is inter- connected and spread over the world. Due to the biological nature of the agro-products, the supply chain in this case requires special attention, particularly, this is very pivotal for the country like Bangladesh where agriculture contributes a large portion of GDP. This article explores the pros and cons of the supply chain of the agro products based on the internationally recognized models. The article reveals that there are gaps in the supply chain integration which needs to be addressed and finally come out some recommendations for future action like-adoption of IT based supply chain, improve supply chain resilience, optimize supply base and create a collaborative supply chain with special attention to the upstream supplier (farmers)and building long term supplier relationship.

Keywords: SC integration, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)., supplier base optimization, tiering, upstream and downstream