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Examining the stream of consciousness/interior monologue as a method of narration for developing students’ thought and insight (Published)

The aim of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of stream of consciousness as a method/technique for developing students’ thought using descriptive analytical and narration method. To verify this claim, the researcher conducted English literature course of 6 weeks (24 hours) for online learners who study English literature at Sudan Open University during the first semester of the year 2021. The researcher conducted qualitative and quantitative study to investigate learners’ flow of thoughts focusing on their perceptions of creating a new idea that is much broader than a range of events of a story. The participants of the study were (50) students at Sudan open university. The researcher used the questionnaire as a data gathering tool to investigate learners’ views toward the program, and used pre and posttests to investigate learners’ levels and the progress that happen in their levels after finishing the course of literature. Besides, many open ended questions of literature were used in order to give learners the chance to express their views about problems solving. The result of the pre and posttests was significantly different in favor of the post test. The levels of students were developed dramatically. The study recommends, the need of developing insight technique for learning English literature, not only by using narration, but also by creative thinking.      

Keywords: Productivity, insight, stream of consciousness, thought