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Utilization of Local Journals by Academic Staff in Nigerian Universities: A Critical Review (Published)

Utilisation of local journal by academic staff of Nigerian universities is an academic obligation that cannot be overlooked because it is an academic task that must be done for academic, teaching, learning, research and self-development purposes. The objectives of the study include the assessment of the level of the utilisation of local journals, proliferation of local journals, identify the problems confronting academic staff in accessing and utilising local journals, recommends possible solution to the identified problems. The research instruments used for the study were questionnaire, observation and interview. One hundred and eighty-five (185) copies of questionnaires were distributed while one hundred and twenty (120) copies were retrieved and found useful representing 64.9 percent.  The methodology used for data analysis was simple percentage and summation weighted index (SWI). The results revealed that frequency usage of local journal was 37.8percent while42.3 percent have access to local journals.  Please write a deductive summary of your major findings here instead of reporting data! Local journals continue to be an important source of information for academic staff in Nigeria. However, there is proliferation of local journals to the detriment of quality intellectual contents. It was recommended that peer reviewers should be encouraged, make space for advertisement like seminars, workshop, conferences etc, and reviewers should improve their review process for prompt publication

Keywords: Academic Staff, Utilization, information sharing., international journals, local journals, third world journals