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Technical and programmatic problems and ways to develop Quality and production of software systems in third world countries (Published)

The Programming is very important in our lives, we find that through software systems that we can control the aircraft and bank accounts and surgeries, any error in these systems could lead to human, financial and social disaster. The paper discusses the development and production of software in the third world countries and become acquainted with the reality and the challenges and map the evolution of the software industry in the third world countries and stand on the problems that have hampered the industry in prior periods, and the elements of the software industry at the local and global scale, which is owned by those countries of opportunities for development software. Those countries lack a severe lack of production environment and the development of software and exposed to the software that are purchased from global markets and the problems that the weakness of the product and the lack of scalability and defects in software. The paper discusses the quality of software products problems in one of those countries in Africa.

Keywords: Economic, Third World is a political term, is intended to indicate to countries that do not belong to the first and second worlds, namely the advanced industrial countries., social and cultural