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Degree of Using Creative Thinking Skills in the Book of “My Immortal Language” at Middle Stage in Saudi Arabia (Published)

The present study aimed to analyze the content of the Book “My Immortal Language” for the third grade of the middle stage in the light of creative thinking skills through content analysis. The study population and sample consisted of the Book “My Immortal Language” for the third grade of the middle stage. The study approved an analysis list including seven domains whose validity and reliability have been verified. The study resulted that the domain of creative thinking skills ranked the first, while the domain of ​​criteria of educational activities ranked the last. The degree of application of these criteria in the book was high and medium. The results confirmed the need to develop the Book of “My Immortal Language” in the aspects that are not consistent with the criteria of creative thinking skills. The committees responsible for the authorship of the curricula must consist of experts in the field of language and the determinants of creative thinking and educational curricula to achieve all total quality criteria. According to the findings, some recommendations have been made

Keywords: My Immortal Language, creative thinking, third middle grade