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Modeling Performance Characteristics of a Turbojet Engine (Published)

This work is an approach to analyze the performance of jet engine with an alternative flow control mechanism. The work analyzes the feasibility of a thrust control mechanism by regulating the flow at the engine inlet to increase the engine rpm for the same value. This approach adds value to the design process with the aim of increasing performance levels in the engine operation. The work is focused on performance charactristics of turbojet with reduced inlet pressure to the compressor engine. A real-time turbojet engine integrating aerothermodynamics of engine components, was developed, together with principles of jet propulsion and inter component volume dynamics represented in 1-D non-linear equations. Software program Simulink, a commercially available model based graphical block diagramming tool from MathWorks was used for dynamic modeling of the engine. The result shows that with increase in shaft rpm, pressure and temperature ratio values across the compressor-turbine assembly increases. Performance parameters of the engine are analyzed with the increase in compressor pressure ratio and shaft rpm.

Keywords: Modeling, Propulsive Efficiency, Specific Fuel Consumption, Specific Thrust, Thermal Efficiency, Turbojet