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Sustainable Development Goals: Multicollinearity Between Therapeutic Entrepreneurship and Rehabilitation Therapy among African Nations (Published)

This study explored the multicollinearity between therapeutic entrepreneurship and rehabilitation therapy among African nations with the moderating role of sustainable development goals. The study adopted correlational design, exploratory design and cross-sectional cohort study. The study used non-proportionate stratified random sampling techniques and purposive sampling techniques. A total population of 55 rehabilitation professionals and sample size of 48 was determined using Krejcie and Morgan Table formula at 0.05 level of significance. Also, 48 copies of questionnaire were distributed to the respondents, while 42 copies were completed, retrieved, processed and analyzed. The instrument was validated with rehabilitation experts practising entrepreneurship, also various approach were employed to authenticate the reliability, the outcome of Cronbach Alpha Co-efficient is 0.954 (95.40%), Spearman-Brown equal length is 0.974 (97.40%) and Guttman Split-Half Coefficient is 96.10 (0.961). Ten research questions and ten hypotheses were raised which was tested with multiple regression analysis and KMO/Barllet’s test for the sampling adequacy on data appropriateness and sphericity respectively via SPSS 25 version. From the findings, therapeutic entrepreneurship aligned positively with occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. In conclusion, the apriori expectations could be deduced that there is positive outcome from the Condition Index and Eigenvalue which revealed there is minute multicollinearity presence among the therapeutic innovation skills, therapeutic risk culture and therapeutic passion in alignment with rehabilitation therapy, but was ignored because of the VIF and Tolerance outcome. Hence, it could be generally concluded that the study alignment is based on correlational rather than collinearity. This is in accord with the findings from the regression model used to analyze the hypotheses. Thus, the null hypotheses were rejected, while the alternate hypotheses were accepted. Based on the findings and conclusion, this study contributes to the knowledge that therapeutic entrepreneurship is an active support to SDG and booster to entrepreneurs with capability to rehabilitates business enterprise owners with unawesome condition, challenges and cases (i.e. trauma, autism, amputation and deformity) in line with their entrepreneurial journey, dreams and vision.  It could be recommended that entrepreneurship rehabilitation therapist should be employed as a major trend of research and development towards achieving the SDG and should be design as academic curriculum. Additionally, it should be adopted as course of study in vocational and technical training program.

Citation: Ovharhe, OH (2022) Sustainable Development Goals: Multicollinearity Between Therapeutic Entrepreneurship and Rehabilitation Therapy among African Nations, International Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research, Vol.10, No.3, pp.,1-57

Keywords: rehabilitation therapy, therapeutic entrepreneur, therapeutic entrepreneurship, therapeutic innovation-skills