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Child Marriage and Family Violence in Ethiopia (Published)

According to data, there are over two million children in Ethiopia who are being forced to marry when they are under the age of 18 and most of the children are girls (World Economic Forum, 2016). Children who are involved in an early age marriage will face different types of difficulties and domestic violence. Many factors related to place a girl at risk of marriage, including poverty, disease, and education (World Economic Forum, 2016). This paper will analyze the violence and conflict between intimate partners. This study aims to find the relationship between child marriage and domestic violence and preventing child marriage as well as establishing law implementation. Research questions include what are the factors of contributing to child marriage in Ethiopia? Why can child marriage lead to family violence in Ethiopia?  How to reduce the practice of child marriage? Moreover, what are the recommendation and implications for reducing domestic violence? Recommendations focus on the prevention of domestic violence, and gender inequality will be provided.

Keywords: child marriage, human needs theory, intimate partner violence, theory of relative deprivation