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Teachers’ Understanding and Use of Thematic Approach in Teaching and Learning of Social Studies in Rivers State (Published)

The purpose of the study was to determine teachers’ understanding and practice towards thematic approach in teaching and learning of social studies in Rivers State. The study was guided by three research questions. The study adopted a descriptive survey method. The population consisted of all the teachers in Obia-Akpor Local Government Area. A sample size of 56 respondents was used for the study. The instrument used for gathering data from respondents was self-constructed questionnaire titled “Teachers’ Understanding and Practice of Thematic Instructional Questionnaire (TUPTIQ)”.The data gathered were analysed with the mean and standard deviation. The following emerged as the major findings of the study: that teachers’ understanding of thematic approach in teaching social studies is not sufficient; teachers do not have adequate thematic practice approach in teaching social studies; and that teachers’ years of experience is not a determinant factor for teachers’ utilization of thematic instruction in teaching social studies. Based on the findings and conclusion of the study, the following recommendations were made: Special attention should be given to teachers’ education by all stakeholders; Government should employ competent staff as well as funded programmes to enable the teachers select and use learning activities/approaches that will provide opportunities for the learner to concretize learnt concept. Regular symposium should also be organized for teachers to update themselves of the current trends in education.

Keywords: Integration, Interdisciplinary Social Studies, Thematic Instruction