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Thematic Concept on the Physical Element of Open Space towards People’s Place Attachment in the City of Bandung (Published)

Open space is one of the most important element that had a role in increasing the index of happines of a city. Then, the government of Bandung offer the thematic concept that applied to the physical elements of open spaces to attract public attention. The study aims to determine the effect of thematic concept to people’s place attachment to public open spaces, and to find out the factors that affect the attachment. The research method used mixed methods through questionnaire survey involving 300 park visitors and in-depth interview, while the data were processed using statistical analysis. The result showed that the respondents’s attachment to the thematic parks are not strong enough, as shown by the low percentages of total accumulation of respondents’s place dependence and place identity to the thematic parks. Meanwhile, the factors that affect respondents’s attachment to the thematic park in general are spatial behavior and vegetation elements.

Keywords: Open Space, Place Attachment, Thematic Concept