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Wole Soyinka’s Myth, Literature and the African World (Published)

Since its first publication in 1976, Myth, Literature and the African world has posited a profound contribution, not only to contemporary African literary dialogue, but also to world dramatic theories. As a captivating example of cultural retrieval, in particular to traditional Africa and the intrinsic expression of its setting, it unveils what is, or is not the true incentive for great tragedies. This is a substantial and meticulous attempt to stress the significant place of African mysteries and potentials on the world stage. Wole Soyinka’s fascination with his Yoruba background and its impressionistic local materials is at the heart of this book. The review will explore the content, its overriding themes and the author’s creative concern.

Keywords: African world, Theatre, Yoruba identity, tragic consciousness


The basis of this paper lies in the seeming misconception that clothing the actor is the sole responsibility of the costume designer. There are two components associated in the performing arts especially in the theatrical circle; the text and performance. In the text, the playwright puts his ideas together in the literal form and combines, among other things, dramatic elements and spectacle, logically applied to provide a more analytical coordination and also enable the text become intellectually appealing. Though, the onus of interpreting the text to create a character in a performance rests with the director, actor/performer, and designers (costume, make-up, set and light) it is envisaged to be the exclusive duty of the costumier. Using some theories, analysis and interpretation this paper shows how the costumier who, though directly associated with the clothes of performers, achieves this in conjunction with other personnel, especially the light and set designer. Ultimately the study contributes to our understanding of the critical examination for the aesthetic and intellectual intent of a text and the needed collaboration of theatre personnel in creating a believable character. It also makes a contribution to the on-going debates on why some characters are often (mis)represented in some stage/video/film productions.

Keywords: Costume, Costumier, Personnel, Theatre